Life in alignment with your life purpose!

Life alignment is a transformational healing system of body, heart and mind. It provides the means to free ourselves from the past in order to live fully in the present and in the process to discover our purpose in life.
Life alignment is a practical energy management system which finds the root cause of your issues, and works along with the intelligence of the body to clear out the old beliefs, attitudes, and limiting perceptions held in the physical, mental, emotional and subtle bodies, which once cleared, brings about peace, freedom and expansion from within.


How does it work?

During the session, the practitioner uses applied kinesiology to access a higher level of consciousness and identify the story and the energy flow around the imbalance.

You will be guided through a process of self–discovery and understanding. This enables you to integrate and accept your personal life story.

While releasing the trauma and the charge around the story, old negative programs are replaced with positive ones that affect all aspects of life including the physical body.

Dramatic changes become possible in a very short space of time.


Iseut emanates a warm, compassionate, non-judgemental energy which makes her immediately likeable but also ideal for guiding a life alignment process. As the session unfolded I was really able to pinpoint certain areas of my life that were holding me back and release them. These had been blind spots but once I made the connection, energies seem to shift and at the end of the session I had a great sense of clarity, calmness and purpose. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to experience this powerful technique.

Julie M.


‘I didn’t know what to expect from this experience but have been blown away by how Iseut can read the body to unlock patterns of behaviour, negative thoughts and feelings and give clarity on how to correct these behaviours in order to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. I feel much lighter and focused after my session. I would highly recommend life alignment to anyone who needs clarity on themselves and their future path.’

Taryn G.


My life alignment session with Iseut was really quite remarkable. She has a warm and empathic nature and gently guides you through the session in a safe, non judgmental space. The session drew me to some powerful realisations and understanding of underlying conflict and concerns in my life, and the whole experience is so contained and nurturing that you feel open to delving into places that you thought you would never go. I left with a greater sense of peace and understanding of certain issues and a commitment to heal and address them. I had a lightness in my heart after this incredibly healing technique.

Caroline R.


Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and expertise today. It is quite fascinating how the body works together with the mind and I am grateful for the manner in which you went through the process to explain exactly what is happening to the physical and mental side of the body and why. The session feels like a blur at the moment – such a lot of information and insight you shared………….and not really knowing what to expect it was a bit challenging delving inside oneself to extract the information needed deal with the issues – wow!!! – I don’t think I can say thank you enough!!! I feel there is still some road to travel though but one step at a time is probably the best approach for me.

Flynn R.

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