lekore_team_claireClaire YohMarketing Director, le Kore real Estate Media
I am truly enjoying Iseut as my personal Kundalini teacher. The fact that she comes to my house facilitates my schedule. Iseut is very professional and she is a great listener. She guides me in experiencing life more intensely. I can not thank her enough for helping me feeling in harmony with my life again.
Thank you Iseut for the wonderful treatment, you have marvelously healing hands.
I experienced a combination of several treatments, more than 1h of intense and relaxing sensations. Different kinds of confusing and troubling emotions arised during the session. After that back pain was so relieved and all my anxiety and stress of the week were completely gone. I felt so relaxed and I was full of good vibes and energy! You have wonderful, even “magic” healing hands. I can’t wait for the next one:)
Tu as des doigts de fée! Tu m’as rempli d’énergie, un immense merci.
Wow!! I now have a new favourite lady in my life – thank you very much for the shiatsu session. I’m feeling a little bit newer (like a new-ish person). Also feeling a little younger than last week (LOL!!). I am relaxed but have more energy and my head also feels clearer. My back is obviously also loosened up so I am happy. Till next time then.
Iseut, I feel so much lighter, thank you. I know this is a journey… feel encouraged. Thank you!!!
Julie M.
Iseut emanates a warm, compassionate, non-judgemental energy which makes her immediately likeable but also ideal for guiding a life alignment process. As the session unfolded I was really able to pinpoint certain areas of my life that were holding me back and release them. These had been blind spots but once I made the connection, energies seem to shift and at the end of the session I had a great sense of clarity, calmness and purpose. I am very grateful I had the opportunity to experience this powerful technique.
Taryn G.
I didn’t know what to expect from this experience but have been blown away by how Iseut can read the body to unlock patterns of behaviour, negative thoughts and feelings and give clarity on how to correct these behaviours in order to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. I feel much lighter and focused after my session. I would highly recommend life alignment to anyone who needs clarity on themselves and their future path.
Caroline R.
My life alignment session with Iseut was really quite remarkable. She has a warm and empathic nature and gently guides you through the session in a safe, non judgmental space. The session drew me to some powerful realisations and understanding of underlying conflict and concerns in my life, and the whole experience is so contained and nurturing that you feel open to delving into places that you thought you would never go. I left with a greater sense of peace and understanding of certain issues and a commitment to heal and address them. I had a lightness in my heart after this incredibly healing technique.